Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Hey guy welcome to my blog. I aim to keep this space as a happy cheerful place where we can discuss things as a community, however I am not scared to discuss pressing topic that I feel passionate about. However I will also be sharing with you my passion for beauty and make up related topics.

For my very first post I thought I would talk about something that I believe is very important  - Happiness.

We all seem averagely happy most days but what is true happiness? Many people will argue that the true meaning of life is finding happiness; in fact many religions hold finding happiness as one of their key principals. As someone who has had to try very hard to find their own happiness I understands the appeal.

Many people have their own theories of how to achieve happiness, including my self, however who is to really say? In my opinion - YOU. Only you will be able to dictate your own story. Yeah things around you will effect you but it's your choice how you work with it. Everyone may say that following the norm is bad for your self esteem but if you enjoy it why not. If you enjoy wearing 'out here' outfits, why not? Whether you follow the guidelines given to you by life or you create your own the only thing that can stop you from being happy is you. If other people thinking positively of you makes you happy then you do that but you need to stop and think, what does truly make you happy.

I wanted to share with you what I believe is the way to find happiness however saying all of this is slightly contradictory. After telling you that you should decide your own happiness I tell you how to achieve happiness.
You can  take my advice into consideration but you need to decide what to do to achieve your happiness. If I had to sum up my too tips I would say:

  • Find what make you happy and do that (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else)
  • Happiness is not instant so keep working at it and don't give up when you don't find your happiness straight away. 
  • And lastly, follow your heart even if it goes against others opinion  (Unless it's illegal. Sorry, murder is probably always the wrong thong to do)
That's all I have got for today. Let me know down bellow what make you happy and your top tips to finding happiness.. 

Lots of love x