Monday, 4 July 2016

Travel Friendly Beauty Products 💼💼💼

If you guys can't tell I am really excited for the summer holidays this year so this time I wanted to share with you some ideal products to take on holidays with you. I didn't want to go with your classic miniatures or sample sizes so I went with multi-use products or products that have a travel friendly packaging.

If you saw my Top 5 High end Summer products you will see that I recommend this for summer in general but Bare Minerals original powder foundation is perfect for taking away. This just happens to be travel sized but it is the powder foundation that I am actually looking at. Unlike a creme foundation this shouldn't be affected by heat. It won't melt and and the consistency shouldn't be affected by the heat like it would a liquid or creme foundation. Also the thick packaging means that it's a lot less likely to break in your bag. Another thing that makes it perfect for travel is that you will only need to bring one brush rather than bringing a powder brush and a foundation brush.

Another product that I mentioned in my Top 5 High drug store products is the Sleek Blusher Blush by 3. This is great for travel because you have a matte, a satin and a shimmer so you have a blush that you can use with any look. You won't have to bring thousands of blushers that take up loads of room. All you have to do is bring one thin palette and you are sorted. Also these colour can double up as eye shadows if you select a palette that you know you will wear on your eyes. They also have a large variety of colours so you choose some that suit your skin and you are set for your whole holiday.

For eye shadow this Maybelline palette is full of wearable neutrals and it also includes a mixture of light and dark shades so there are so many different looks you can create. Also these shades are really good quality and have really long staying power which is amazing for thoose days on holiday where you just don't don't want to spend your time topping up your make up. If you prefer to use more adventurous colours, because lets be honest if there is any time to experiment it is on holiday, I would check out the Two Faced Chocolate bar palette as it has neutrals and a couple of brighter, funner colours. For a more affordable colorful palette try the revolution iconic pro 1.

This colour palette is amazing for travelling because you have all the contour colours so weather you get paler or more tanned this palette is perfect. Also these add colour but add no coverage so they can be added to your foundation to match what ever shade you turn during your holiday. This palette was really expensive and an ebay find.

Next is the Maybelline Master Sculpt. The only problem with this is that I use the dakrest shade yet I am incredibly pale (NC15) so I'm not sure who would use the lighter colour. I love this because it has a bronzer and a super wearable highlighter as well so you have both in one. Even better is that it has a built in mirror and a compartment. Although the brush that comes with it is not amazing it is a good space to store cotton pads or cotton buds.

Next thing I recommend for bringing on holiday is the Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara because, as it says on the tin, you can use it day and night. It can give you so many different looks as you can use the two different wands  to create what ever style suits the occasion. This is why I think it's amazing to take away.

The last item I am going to talk about today is the Benefit they're real! push-up eyeliner. Not many people get along with so I would recommend maybe first trying the sample size but I love this. It has a built in nib meaning when you go away you don't need to bring a brush and don't need to worry about cleaning them and not getting fluff from inside your bag.

That is everything I would recommended you take on holiday. Obviously you may want to bring more or less than this but these are just a couple of items that are travel friendly. What iteam would you recommended for anyone who will be traveling?

Lots of love x

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